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John Rossman - Photo (1)

John Rossman

Former Amazon Executive
Expert on Digital Disruption, Innovation & IoT
Author of book series “The Amazon Way”
30 Years of Digital Technology & Operations Experience


Josh Linkner

Five-time Tech Entrepreneur
Hyper-Growth CEO
Two-time NY Times Bestselling Author
Venture Capitalist
Keynote Speaker on a Mission to Drive Innovation


Tom Douglas

Thomas H. Douglas

Award-Winning CEO and Business Leader
Highly in-demand Technology Speaker
Revenue Process Trailblazer
Business Culture Development Guru


Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson

“50 Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World”
Award-winning Wall Street Equity Analyst
Linkedin Top Voice in 2018 with 1.7 million followers.
World Authority on Personal Disruption.
Executive Coach and Advisor to CEOs.



JBITS18 Blew People Away!

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JBITS 2020

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JBITS18 was a huge hit, but it only featured: 31 speakers, 27 breakout sessions, 11 sponsors, 7 tracks, 1 day, and 2 keynotes.

JBITS 2020 is even bigger and better in every way!

You’ll Leave

JBITS 2020 Inspired & Ready To

Apply tomorrow’s tech solutions today.

Technology is evolving at an ever-quickening pace. Those who understand what is coming will be best positioned to take advantage of the next big breakthrough.

Empower Your Employees to Work More Efficiently and Effectively

Technology gives workers capabilities they've never had before. But to truly make the most of the power at hand, it pays to learn the secrets of tech from experts who know all the ins, outs, and shortcuts.

Leverage Technology to Deliver Real Business Value and Support New Business Models

Technology has blown up old business models and geographies. What—and where—will you conquer next?

Use Data to Drive Faster, Better, Smarter Business Outcomes

They say data is the new gold. Are you making the most of yours? Beat the rush and learn who your customers really are and what they truly want.

Amaze Your Clients with Enhanced Service That Gets Them What They Want Faster and Easier

Technology provides more ways than ever to interact with clients. Optimize your I.T. to ensure that your products and services are always available when, where, and how your customers want them.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profits by Doing Familiar Work in New Ways

Technology has changed the way we work, allowing us to be more effective and productive than ever. Are you keeping pace and maximizing your gains?

Avail Yourself of Security Breakthroughs and Increased Peace of Mind

The best offense is a good defense. Criminals are working harder than ever to access your network. Learn how to make your I.T. security work just as hard.

Capitalize on the Ways Technology Can Augment All the Work You Do

Every facet of modern business operations is imbued with technology. Don't let familiarity blind you to the inspired, amazing, rewarding things I.T. can make happen when you have the knowledge to properly put it to work for your business.

Disrupt the Competition and Conquer Your Market.

Learn how technology empowers you to leverage every opportunity and rocket past the competition. JBITS 2020 isn't just about staying caught up. It's about taking the lead and never looking back!

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