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Preferred Session Topics:

  • Letting the A.I. Take Over: How Every Business Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Their Advantage
  • From SEO to XEO: Why Optimizing for the Mind Is the Next Great Disruption
  • Disruption in Action: Using Technology to Create New Products and Services, Wow Your Customers, and Crush the Competition
  • The Digital Workplace: Disrupting Tired Work Patterns, Revitalizing Collaboration and Communication, and Banishing the Email Demon for Good
  • Change Means Opportunity: External and Internal Forces Driving Organizations to Adopt New Operating Models
  • Adapt or Die: Leveraging Technology to Refresh Your Business and Stay Relevant in a Crowded, Competitive Environment
  • He Said, She Said, It Said: The Curious World of Chatbots and How You Can Implement One in Your Business
  • At Work, At Home: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent, Improving Morale, and Increasing Productivity in the Era of the Remote Teammate
  • The Sinister Six: Sneaky Cognitive Technology Biases That Can Sabotage Innovation and Hinder Your Organization’s Success
  • Thinking Innovatively: How Businesses Thrive in a World Where Change Is Constant, Expectations Are High, and Opportunity Is Infinite
  • Look Beyond the Norm: Apps, Services, and Non-Traditional Software That Can Move Your Business Forward
  • Virtual Handshakes: Using Technology to Maintain a Human Connection While Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
  • Dollar Signs in Your Eyes: 20/20 Vision into Leveraging Technology to Drive Profitability and EBITDA
  • Look Beyond the Now: How to Create a 5-Year Plan to Make the Most of Your Technology Investment
  • Eyes on the Prize: Level-Up Your Technology Strategy Acumen to Better Advance Your Organization’s Goals
  • Blue Skies or Umbrellas?: A Hands-On Cloud Readiness Assessment to Help You Know if You Are Truly Ready for the Cloud
  • Let the Data Be Your Guide: Real-World Analytics that Any Executive Can Use to Understand Your World and Conquer Your Market
  • A High-Tech Seat at the Table: Forming and Operating a Board of Directors That Understands Technology and Will Drive Your Business to Success
  • Plugging Everything In: A Strategic Approach to Creating a Healthy Ecosystem of Technology
  • 20 Stats for the 2020s: What the Data Really Says About Where Technology Is Going
  • Ready to Rumble: Getting Business Preparedness Right—In Case the Worst Happens
  • Ticking Time Bombs: How to Find and Disarm Hidden Vulnerabilities in Your Network
  • The Secret Super Weapon: 10 Case Studies Showing How the Right Telecom Brings Greater Value While Reducing Costs
  • The Productivity Index: Cut Through the White Noise of Technology Hype and Actually Get More Done
  • Cultivate Your Dream Team: Launching a Training Program That Works
  • Honest Mistakes: Surviving in an Era of Security-Inept Employees That Could Increase Your Risk and Destroy Your Reputation
  • Drop the Hammer: Stopping Cybersecurity Threats That Can Destroy Your Business
  • Let the Right Ones In: The Menace of Business Email Compromise
  • Size Doesn’t Matter: The Harsh Truth Is That Everyone Is a Target—Even You!
  • Dark Web Scan: Find Out if Your Sensitive Information Is Being Sold to the Highest Bidder
  • It’s Not Fun but It’s Worth It: Leveraging Regulations and Compliance to Reduce Risk, Curtail the Time Suck, and Invigorate Your Business
  • Crime Doesn’t Sleep: Protecting Personal Data in an Age of Open Connections
  • You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Weathering the Coming Data Privacy Storm (and Turning It to Your Advantage)
  • Sleep Better at Night: The Policies, Processes, and Automation Tools at the Foundation of All Successful Compliance and Security Initiatives
  • Safe AND Sound: The Difference Between Being Compliant and Being Secure
  • Security Questions: 5 Pros Give Answers on Staying Safe in a World of Breaches, Errors, and Hackers Out to Get You
  • We’re All in This Together: 5 Experts Talk About Technology and Bridging the Generational Gap
  • The New Paradigm: 5 Authorities on Thriving in an “As-a-Service” World That is Changing Expectations and Operations
  • “Visionary-itis”: A Panel of Executives Discusses Avoiding the Pitfalls Faced by Visionary Technology Leaders
  • Applied Science: Advice From CEOs and Experts From 6 Companies That Are Innovating and Disrupting with Technology