JBITS 2020


Eight Tracks Designed to Invigorate Your Mind and Inspire You to Action!

Whether you’re an executive seeking every strategic advantage, a security officer looking for new tactics to keep your business safe, a trailblazer ready to disrupt your industry and market, or any other type of business leader with your eyes on the future, JBITS 2020 has got a track built just for you.

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Eight Electrifying Tracks!

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Barriers are meant to be broken. Disruption is the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit in action. Is that you? Then this track will add fuel to your fire. Do you wish that were you? This track will focus your energy and set you in motion. Join other leaders who refuse to be held back and plot a path to your next peak. This track is for the groundbreakers, instigators, pathfinders, and masterminds who aren't content to simply follow the well-trod path to mediocrity. This is for everyone ready to change the game and rewrite the rules as they attain new heights of success. The timid need not apply.

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Someone's got to be first, and that someone should be you. After all, you're someone who steps forward when there's work to be done and then writes your own rules on the way to victory. Listen and be inspired by those who've done it before. Learn from their successes and leave full of big ideas (and armed with the tactics to pull them off). If you're someone who looks at the old way of doing things and thinks, "I can get that done in half the time with a third of the effort," then this is the track for you. Join other executives, leaders, and professionals who have also got an eye on the future and no patience for taking things slow on the way there.

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Knowledge gives you the power and opportunity to disrupt the status quo. Hear how technology initiatives are driving companies and individuals to greater heights of achievement and execution. Discover ways in which I.T. can empower you and your entire organization to be more creative, more collaborative, and more innovative, connecting with each other and with your clients in the types of deeper, more meaningful interactions that cement customer loyalty and catapult a brand to the top. CEOs, presidents, and other general leadership will benefit from the sessions in this track, as will Strategy Officers and others tasked with looking ahead for the benefit of your organization.

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I.T. is part of every business operation. Using technology as a practical tool is not enough to disrupt the competition and set you apart. You must use technology as a strategic tool. Explore how I.T. can allow you to see your business differently, opening up new approaches to the work you do and the way you serve your clients. Use technology to set yourself apart in the present, and anticipate what is coming so you remain one step ahead of everyone else. The Strategy track is for those leaders in charge of looking toward, and helping the organization plan for, the future: Strategy and Operations officers and VPs, and others who keep things moving forward.

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Business operations are all about the art of “getting things done.” Are you maximizing the ways in which technology facilitates execution? Go beyond simply putting technology in place and learn to optimize every aspect of your I.T. to reap dividends throughout operations, from quality control to training, process management, and oversight. Problem-solve with thought leaders and high-performance pros who understand real-world challenges and know how to create solutions to keep you on track-- the disruptor, never the disrupted. The Operations track is for those who make sure that the company executes. COOs, VPOs, and those on operations teams.

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Nearly every facet of business operations has some networked component, making I.T. security a vital concern. No matter their tactics or style of attack, cybercriminals want one thing: to disrupt your business. Get informed about the latest security advances that will lock down your technology and keep your data safe. Get invaluable tips on improving training and processes in ways that will not only enhance security but also make you a leader in your market. The Security track is ideal for Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, and any other leaders whose duties intersect with I.T. security concerns and training.

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Regulatory compliance no longer needs to be the black sheep of business operations. Learn how proactive planning and maintenance can keep regulations from disrupting your work and instead make compliance a key part of your success strategy. Join other professionals in discussing practical ways to make complying with regulations not something you do just to stay out of trouble, but something that helps your business stand out and thrive amongst the competition. This track will benefit Chief Compliance Officers, Compliance VPs, and those tasked with overseeing compliance initiatives, including employee training and audit preparation.

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Expert Academy

Are you ready to disrupt all your old patterns and worn-out approaches? Ready to throw out the "tried-and-true but no longer inspired" and replace what just barely works with the strategies that high achievers and peak performers are using? Then it’s time to learn directly from the best. Every session in this track is made up of a panel of high-performing thought leaders and game-changers, authoritative voices who have long led the way in their fields. You’ve got questions, they’ve got answers; you need insight, they’re here to share their hard-earned wisdom. Heed their advice, and you’ll be on your way to expert status yourself. Ready to be unstoppable? Then this track is for you!